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olympic basketball

NEW! USA Basketball (90) vs. Russia (68) August 3, 2008 (HD)

※ 2008 USA Vs. Lithuania: Macao Exhibition Game 2 Highlights...

※ 2008 USA Vs. Lithuania: Macao Exhibition Game 2 Highlights ※

Playlist: Olympic Video - Beijing 2008 Category: Sport Videos

A video that highlights the game between USA and Lithuania in Macao, China. USA beat Luthuania 120 to 84 in an exhibition game in Macao, China on Friday, August 1, 2008. The United States was pushed in the second half for the first time in this...

※ 2008 USA Vs. Turkey: Macao Exhibition Game 1 Highlights ※

※ 2008 USA Vs. Turkey: Macao Exhibition Game 1 Highlights ※

Playlist: Olympic Video - Beijing 2008 Category: Sport Videos

A video that highlights the game between USA and Turkey in Macao, China. USA beat Turkey 114 to 82 in an exhibition game in Macao, China on Thursday, July 31, 2008. As far as tuneups go, this one couldn't have gone much smoother. Flying across...

NEW! USA Basketball (90) vs. Russia (68) August 3, 2008 (HD)

NEW! USA Basketball (90) vs. Russia (68) August 3, 2008 (HD)

Playlist: Olympic Video - Beijing 2008 Category: Sport Videos

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!!New!! Basketball USA vs Australia (HD) August 5, 2008

!!New!! Basketball USA vs Australia (HD) August 5, 2008

Playlist: Olympic Video - Beijing 2008 Category: Sport Videos

Exhibition Match between team USA and Australia. This is United States last Exhibition Match. USA Exhibition Matches USA vs Canada 120 - 65 July 25, 2008 USA vs Turkey 114 - 82 July 31, 2008 USA vs Lith. 120 - 84 August 1, 2008 USA vs...

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AFL Football Trade Wrap Up

AFL Football Trades
Trade Wrap Up
AFL Football News

AFL Logo

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Adelaide receives: Sydney’s round two selection (No.28).
Sydney Swans receive: Martin Mattner.

Carlton receives: Chris Judd and West Coast’s round three selection (No.46).
West Coast Eagles receives: Josh Kennedy and Carlton’s round one and two selections (No.3 and No.20).

Adelaide receives: Melbourne’s round three selection (No.37).
Melbourne receives: John Meesen.

Brisbane Lions receive: Collingwood's round one selection (No.14).
Collingwood receives: Cameron Wood.

Brisbane Lions receive: Travis Johnstone.
Melbourne receives: Brisbane Lions' round one selection (No.14 - received from Collingwood in Trade Four).

Adelaide receives: Brad Moran.
Kangaroos receive: Adelaide's round three selection (No.37 - received from Melbourne in Trade Three).

Adelaide receives: Brad Symes.
Port Adelaide receives: Adelaide’s second round selection (No.28 - received from Sydney in Trade One).

Richmond receives: Jordan McMahon.
Western Bulldogs receive: Richmond's round two selection (No.19).

Sydney Swans receive: Henry Playfair.
Geelong receives: Sydney's round three selection (No.44).

St Kilda receives: Adam Schneider and Sean Dempster.
Sydney Swans receive: St Kilda's round two selection (No.26).

Richmond receives: Mitch Morton.
West Coast Eagles receive: Richmond's round three selection (No.35).

St Kilda receives: Steven King and Charlie Gardiner.
Geelong receives: St Kilda's round six selection (No.90).

West Coast Eagles receive: Western Bulldogs round two selection (No. 22) and fifth round selection (No.54).
Western Bulldogs receive: West Coast Eagles' round two selection, (No.30), third round selection (No.35 - received from Richmond in Trade 11) and round five selection (No.62).

Adelaide receives: Western Bulldogs' round two on-traded selection (No.30 – received in Trade Thirteen and its round three selection (No.38).
Western Bulldogs receive: Ben Hudson and Adelaide’s round three selection (No.43).

Western Bulldogs receive: Tim Callan and Geelong's round four selection (No.66).
Geelong receives: Western Bulldogs' round four selection (No.62).

Kangaroos receive: Ben Davies.
Collingwood receives: Kangaroos' round six selection (No.96).

Kangaroos receive: Sam Power.
Western Bulldogs receive: Kangaroos' round three selection (currently No.48).

Carlton receives: Richard Hadley.
Brisbane Lions receive: Carlton's round four selection (No.52).

Chris Judd to Carlton

AFL Trade News
Chris Judd to Carlton
AFL News 2007

Chris Judd Blues

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CHRIS Judd says he chose Carlton because they are a powerful club and are going places. The Blues and West Coast completed their trade deal for the Brownlow medallist late in Trade week.

Judd says he was always confident that the clubs would agree on trade and deal.

Judd also said that the past few weeks had been "pretty hectic" but he was delighted to have the paperwork completed and with his move to Carlton signed, sealed and delivered.

Judd is thought to be getting a five-year, million contract with the Blues which will complete the biggest player transfer since Tony Lockett left St Kilda for Sydney in 1994.

Carlton completed the (I think cheap) trade with key forward Josh Kennedy and first and second round selections, number three and 20 overall, in the national draft in return for Judd and the Eagles' third-round selection, number 46 overall.

"I didn't have huge doubts that the deal would get done," Judd said at a media conference at Carlton's Princes Park headquarters.

Judd said that he had selected Carlton because he thought they were a "powerful Melbourne club" that was going places (cough).

"They have got a young and exciting list," Judd said.

"I could be part of something from the ground up, that was the exciting part of it for me."

Judd had battled a groin injury for the second half of the season and had an operation in Sydney two weeks ago (The Blues will be preying that the injury wont return in 2008).

He said the surgery has helped ease some of the pain in his groin, but he will know more at a check-up in six weeks.

Carlton chief executive Greg Swann hailed it a "fantastic day" for the Blues after a "few anxious moments on the way".

"It's one of the most important days we've had here (at the football club)," Swann said.

"Chris Judd is the premier player in the competition and will be a major boost to Carlton as the club embarks on what is a new and exciting era. We look forward to officially welcoming Chris to the Carlton Football Club later this afternoon," Mr Swann said.

Conclusion :

Whilst Carlton has got the good end of the bargain, there's still many factors involved including the slug out of the salary cap, the dodgy groin and ankle problems (The Blues will be hoping that it wont return) and the longevity of Judd's career and on Judd's side of the deal - will Carlton be a (serious) finals contender in the next 5 to 10 years / until the end of Judds playing career, it would be a shame for Judd to finish at a poor performing club.

Crows Players Porn Removed

AFL Player News
Crows Players Porn
Stupid AFL News

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The Porno images were on Crows ruckman Ivan Maric's Facebook homepage. One was sent by fellow ruckman John Meesen, which features a female shagging a bloke; the other was posted by Crows defender Andrew McIntyre which was an animation of a penis with arms.

The porno pictures sparked outrage from politicians and with Young Media Australia.

This is the latest in a string of off-field embarrassments that have plagued the Crows this year, which have included a betting scandal, players breaking curfew and last month's alleged assault of a female outside a city nightclub.

"The boys thought their homepages were available to only their friends and were taken aback (to realise they were available to the public)," Crows commercial operations general manager Phil Harper reported.

The club has enforced the removal of the images from Maric's (Facebook) homepage and it has also been blocked to the public.

Young Media Australia acting chairwoman Lynne Rutherford said she was shocked such images were posted on a website popular with young people.

"This issue is about the fact the images were accessible to young people," she said.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

AFL Nathan Buckley Retires

AFL Football News
Nathan Buckley Retires
Goodbye to a Champ

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One of the greats of the modern day game has announced his retirement from AFL football after a magnificent 15-year career.

Nathan Buckley’s leadership skills, determination and professionalism, coupled with his long list of accolades and notoriety as one of the greatest kicks of the football in the game’s long history make for an outstandingly well-packaged career.

The former Southern Districts (Northern Territory), Port Adelaide Magpies (SANFL) and Brisbane Bears player needs a whole page to himself whenever his awards, medals and honours are read out.

Buckley won the Magarey Medal as the best and fairest player in South Australia in 1992 and also took home the Jack Oatey Medal in the same year as best on ground in the SANFL Grand Final.

In his first year of AFL football, Buckley played with Brisbane and won the AFL’s inaugural Rising Star Award by a street. The Bears could not secure the gun midfielder for any longer than one season and Buckley moved to Collingwood immediately after the 1993 season.

In his first year as a Magpie, Buckley won the club’s best and fairest award and he would add another five Copeland Trophies to his cabinet before his career drew to a close.

He won All-Australian honours on seven occasions and twice played for Australia in the International Rules series.

In 2002, the Magpies fell nine points short of a premiership, but Buckley did not disappoint with a Norm Smith Medal-wining display against Brisbane.

The following year the Magpies lost to the Lions in the decider once more, but more individual honours came Buckley’s way, wining the Brownlow Medal in a three-way tie with Sydney’s Adam Goodes and Adelaide’s Mark Ricciuto.

The 2007 season was Buckley’s most frustrating to date, repeatedly injuring his hamstrings and playing just five games, including three finals, in a year that Collingwood made the final four.

Flanked by Collingwood president Eddie McGuire and coach Mick Malthouse and watched on by his family and teammates, Buckley admitted his weary body could not go on for another season.

“Over the last couple of weeks the mind has been going all over the place – Should I? Should I not? But I’m committed within my mind with the decision that’s been made,” the 35-year-old said.

“Basically in my mind, my body’s just not ready to go.

“I’ll never not want to play the game, that’ll remain with me for the rest of my life, but I just can’t trust my body anymore.”

Buckley went on to reveal he almost retired two thirds of the way through the season after being repeatedly hindered by injury.

“I’m glad I stuck it out because that last little bit was a fair ride,” Buckley said.

He also admitted that injuring his hamstring for the seventh time in the season in the final stages of the side’s five-point preliminary final loss to Geelong would have been ‘bittersweet’, with the veteran unlikely to have played the following week if the Magpies had beaten the Cats.

Buckley acknowledged his teammates throughout his career and his family for their support throughout his 280 AFL matches and reaffirmed his embarrassment for individual accolades, believing the team ideology is all that is important on the football field.

Buckley leaves the Magpies as arguably their best ever player and one of the game’s true champions.

Gavin Haines

AFL Paul Licuria Retires

AFL Football News
Paul Licuria Retires
Goodbye to another Champ

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MIDFIELDER Paul Licuria became the third key Collingwood player to announce his AFL retirement during an emotion-charged club best-and-fairest awards function.

Licuria joined captain Nathan Buckley and defender James Clement in retiring post-season, meaning the Copeland Trophy dinner became as much a tribute as an end-of-season awards night.

Key forward Travis Cloke was a surprise winner of the trophy this season, beating Scott Pendlebury and Tarkyn Lockyer by one vote.

Buckley confirmed his retirement earlier at a media conference, while Clement shocked the club by ending his career soon after the preliminary final loss to premier Geelong.

Licuria made his decision in the last couple of days and was in tears as he spoke to the audience of more than 1700.

"I tried so hard not to cry, I knew I was in trouble watching James' speech," he joked.

"This footy club has taught me to dream."

President Eddie McGuire, who struggled to contain his emotions while presenting the champion trio, said Licuria would hold an administrative position at the club. Licuria, 29, made his debut for Sydney in 1997 and played 10 games there before joining the Magpies in 1999.

He played 182 games for Collingwood for a total of 192 and was a two-time Copeland winner.

"When you have people at your club like Nathan Buckley, James Clement and Paul Licuria, it sets the tone with what you can do and what you can build," McGuire said.

Buckley said he could no longer trust his body to bear up to the rigours of the AFL, after the succession of hamstring injuries that restricted him to only five senior games this season.

"It still hasn't sunk in that I won't be playing another game of footy ... (but) the decision was made for the right reasons," he said.

"One of the things I've realised in the last 10 minutes (listening to the tributes to Clement and Licuria) is why it's meant so much to me."

Later in the evening, Cloke polled 53 votes, finishing one ahead of Scott Pendlebury and Tarkyn Lockyer, with Pendlebury second on a countback.

Pendlebury also finished second to Geelong's Joel Selwood in the AFL's Rising Star award.

Cloke played all 25 senior games and kicked 39 goals this year.

He has developed a strong key forward combination with Anthony Rocca, but was still a surprise winner of his first Copeland Trophy.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Chris Judd Trade Talk with Collingwood

AFL Football News
Chris Judd Trade Talk
Sport News

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COLLINGWOOD yesterday ended the four-day merry-go-round for the services of Chris Judd, but where he ends up is still the million-dollar question.

The Magpies are, if you listen to the jungle drums, favourite to sign him.

Carlton, Melbourne and Essendon are also waiting for a call from Judd's manager Paul Connors.

At least one of those clubs – Carlton – believes Collingwood is the front-runner.

Adding to the intrigue is that Melbourne, the team Judd supported as a youngster, believes it is a chance to secure his signature.

The Bombers spoke to Judd on Sunday.

It's possible Judd might not announce his decision until the start of trade week.

The Magpies, led by president Eddie McGuire, chief executive Gary Pert and coach Mick Malthouse, yesterday met Judd and Connors at the Lexus Centre.

McGuire told Fox Sports' On The Couch the club would now wait for Judd to decide on a team.

"He would be a very good poker player, Chris Judd," McGuire said. "All we did was present the things we believe our club to stand for, the Lexus Centre, the coaching."

"There was nothing there that was any trickiness."

McGuire said rumours of the Magpies looking to trade ruckman Josh Fraser as part of a move for Judd were nonsense.

Fraser missed the preliminary and semi-finals with a back/hip complaint.

"I actually saw Josh and said to him that I'd heard these rumours and they're completely unfounded," McGuire said.

"I wouldn't have thought that Josh Fraser, given the fact we need ruckmen, would be one bloke we would be wanting to get rid of.

"This might all change in two weeks' time when we sit down or if Chris Judd rings up tomorrow and says, `I want to be a Magpie', and then we need to decide what the mix is."

The Eagles have already stated a deal with the Magpies was unlikely because the Magpies did not have low draft picks.

Connors has refused to make any further comment.

Article Source : Herald Sun Footy

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Jimmy Bartel Wins Brownlow

AFL Football
Bartel Wins Brownlow
Football News

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Geelong midfielder Jimmy Bartel is confident his runaway Brownlow Medal victory won't prove to be much of a distraction in the lead-up to Saturday's grand final against Port Adelaide.

The 23-year-old polled 29 votes, including eight best-on-ground performances, to finish seven votes clear of Brisbane's Simon Black, the Kangaroos' Brent Harvey and West Coast tyro Daniel Kerr, who was ineligible due to a suspension.

Bartel's teammate and pre-event favourite Gary Ablett polled 20 votes to finish in a tie for sixth.

"I couldn't stop shaking up there and I'm still overwhelmed," Bartel said.

"It's starting to sink in but I don't think it will for quite some time.

"I've got training and we've got a pretty big game to look forward to.

"I just can't wait for the grand final now."

Bartel was confident that winning the medal would not distract him from focusing on Saturday's grand final against the Power, where the Cats will be seeking to end a 44-year premiership drought.

"I've got some pretty good teammates here who keep me down to earth," he said.

"They're looking forward to the weekend, just like I am and I just can't wait for Saturday to come around.

"Hopefully (I'll play) well.

"But then again, I'd rather not get a kick at all if (it means) we win the premiership."

James Clement Retires from Collingwood

AFL Football
James Clement Retires
AFL Footy News

James Clement

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Collingwood defender James Clement has shocked his club by announcing his retirement from AFL football.

The Magpies vice-captain played 230 games, including 146 for Collingwood after joining the club from Fremantle in 2001.

His announcement comes just two days after the Magpies were knocked out of the 2007 AFL finals series in a five-point defeat to Geelong in their preliminary final.

Verdict :

This is a bit of a shock, Jimmy Clement shouldn't have pulled the pin like this, he at least should have announced his retirement during the season, it's a shame really - as a Collingwood supporter I would have liked the chance to farewell Clement and show some appreciation - after all Jimmy has been a champion for the pies for several years, it leaves me wondering how many other Pies will call it a day and not get the farewell they truly deserve.

James Hird's stolen jumper

AFL Football
James Hird' Jumper
AFL News

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THE saga of retired Essendon AFL champion James Hird's stolen jumper continues, with a 22-year-old man charged over the theft of the prized guernsey.

The 250th game jumper signed by Hird and gifted to club stalwart Colin Hooper was swiped from a framing shop in Kew, in Melbourne's inner east, on September 1.

It was later discovered by detectives investigating another matter at a home in Springvale South, in the city's outer east.

The jumper had not been washed and was stained with grass and dirt marks from Hird's milestone game.

A man fleeing the house during the raid dropped the jumper in the backyard as police pursued him on foot.

Dandenong detectives arrested a 22-year-old man in a car in the outer eastern suburb of Cranbourne about midnight.

He has been charged with handling stolen goods in relation to the theft of Hird's 250th game jumper.

The 22-year-old faces another 12 charges relating to theft and burglary dating back to May 2005.

He is expected to appear in the Dandenong Magistrate's Court later this morning.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

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O.K West Coast won the Grand Final.

So where to now that the AFL Season is over ?

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It's AFL Finals Fever !!

The AFL 2006 Finals have arrived !!

How the Ladder finished.

Top 8 (Finalists).

West Coast Eagles on 68
Adelaide on 64
Fremantle on 60
Sydney Swans on 56
Collingwood on 56
St Kilda on 56
Melbourne on 54
Western Bulldogs on 52

And the rest.

Richmond on 44
Geelong on 42
Hawthorn on 36
Port Adelaide on 32
Brisbane Lions on 28
Kangaroos on 28
Essendon on 14
Carlton on 14

The Finals.

Friday 8 Sep 2006
St Kilda vs. Melbourne at M.C.G. 7:30pm AEST

Saturday 9 Sep 2006
Adelaide vs. Fremantle at AAMI Stadium 2:30pm ACST
West Coast Eagles vs. Sydney Swans at Subiaco Oval 5:30pm AWST

Sunday 10 Sep 2006
Collingwood vs. Western Bulldogs at M.C.G. 2:30pm AEST

The Finals Reviewed :


WHERE & WHEN: MCG, Friday 8 September, 7:30pm

TV & RADIO: Channel 10 - Melbourne (7.30pm), Adelaide (6.30pm), Perth (7pm), Sydney (10.35pm), Brisbane (10.35pm), 3AW, Triple M, ABC Radio OUR COVERAGE: live scores, stats & audio, Game Day News Desk, match replay (24 hour delay)

HEAD TO HEAD: Played – 195, St Kilda – 77, Melbourne – 117, Drawn - 1

LAST TIME: Melbourne 15.13 (103) d St Kilda 13.12 (90), round 10, 2006, at the MCG. Demons skipper David Neitz kicked eight goals to lead the side to victory in his club record-breaking 273rd AFL match in the red and blue.



WHERE & WHEN: Saturday September 9 at Subiaco at 5.30pm (WST)

TV & RADIO: TV: Channel 10 - Melbourne (7pm), Adelaide (6.30pm), Perth (6pm), Sydney (7pm), Brisbane (7pm), Triple M, 3AW, 6PR, 5AAOUR COVERAGE: live scores, stats & audio, Game Day News Desk, match replay (24 hour delay)

HEAD TO HEAD: West Coast 16, Sydney 17

LAST TIME: West Coast Eagles 9.13 (67) d Sydney 9.11 (65) at Subiaco, round 15, 2006. The Eagles came from 32 points down at half-time to pinch the game when Tyson Stenglein's goal at the 29 minute mark of the final term, which only just avoided a lunging Craig Bolton in the goalsquare, gave the Eagles the lead for the first time.

FINALS HEAD TO HEAD: West Coast 1, Sydney 2

Elimination Final


WHERE & WHEN: Elimination Final, MCG, 2.30 pm Sunday, 10 September

TV & RADIO: Channel Ten, ABC Radio, 3AW, Triple-M, NIRSOUR COVERAGE: live scores, stats & audio, Game Day News Desk, match replay (24 hour delay)

HEAD TO HEAD: Played: 138, Won: Collingwood - 99, Western Bulldogs - 38, Drawn: 1

LAST TIME: Collingwood 21.13 (139) def Western Bulldogs 16.9 (105), round nine, 2006 at the MCG. The Magpies had led all night in a tight contest but pulled away in the final term kicking 5.7 to 2.1 to win by 24 points with Anthony Rocca bagging five.

Adelaide vs Fremantle

Stats not available.